Bankey Bihari Packaging Explains about Flexible Packaging for Products

Flexibility is essential in the realm of packaging. That is why Bankey Bihari Packaging is a market leader in flexible packaging solutions. The company provides a diverse selection of high-quality packaging bags for a variety of products such as rice packaging bags, pulses, sugar, wheat, paddy, chemicals, grains, powders, pesticides and tea.

Key Features of BOPP and PP Laminated Woven Bags:

1. Durability: The combination of high-quality materials and an innovative production technique assures that these bags are strong and will not break. They protect the packed items both during transit and storage.

2. Moisture Control: Woven bags with BOPP and PP laminates operate as a barrier to keep moisture out of the bag. This function facilitates the storage of grains, rice, and powdered materials by preventing caking and other damage. 

3. Protects against Pests: PP and BOPP laminated woven bags serve to keep pests and external pollutants at bay. Their strong woven method helps in the preservation of the packaged material’s quality. These bags are ideal for agricultural materials as well as other chemicals.

4.  Customised Printing: The printing feature of BOPP and PP bags is well recognised. These woven bags are an excellent choice for businesses that want to include their logo and contact details on the outer layer. The printed packaging increases visibility and brand exposure.

5.  Environment-Friendly: BOPP and PP laminated woven bags are easily recyclable and reusable. As a result, these bags are a prudent and environmentally beneficial decision. They help to reduce environmental impact and encourage sustainable packaging methods in the market because they are environmentally friendly.

BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

Rice is an essential food that necessitates packaging that provides preservation and protection. Rice packaging bags and BOPP laminated woven bags from Bankey Bihari Packaging are an excellent choice. These bags are made from a combination of BOPP and woven materials that help provide strength to the packaging bags along with moisture resistance and visual appeal. These barrier qualities of BOPP, protects rice from moisture and pests, assuring its quality.

PP Laminated Woven Bags

For pulses, grains, and wheat, you can bet on Bankey Bihari Packaging’s PP laminated woven bags. These bags are made by laminating Polypropylene (PP) intricated with woven cloth and offer a versatile packaging solution. The woven cloth adds to its toughness and durability. This helps protect the content from moisture, insects, and pollutants, preserving its freshness and nutritional value. PP laminated woven bags are popular for their customizable nature, which allows a wide range of sizes and printing options. Their customizable nature increases brand visibility and adds to customer appeal.

Safeguarding Sensitive Products

The expertise of Bankey Bihari Packaging extends beyond food products. They also provide customised packaging solutions for chemicals, powder, and pesticides. As per the special requirements of these items, the company provides special packaging that protects their composition while also allowing for easy handling and transit. 

Setting New Standards in Flexible Packaging

The varied selection of flexible packaging solutions offered by Bankey Bihari Packaging represents the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. TheirBOPP laminated woven bags, PP laminated woven bags, and specialised rice packing bags are the epitome of quality. Bankey Bihari Packaging is creating new benchmarks for the packaging industry with its flexible packaging for a varied range of products.

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