Project Shades Launches Their Boldest Sunglasses Collection Yet, and the Internet Can’t Get Enough of It

Project Shades Launches Their Boldest Sunglasses Collection Yet, and the Internet Can’t Get Enough of It.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 14: In the fast-paced world of fashion and eyewear, Project shades is making waves and setting trends like never before. Started in 2021, this brand has made a name for itself in the eyewear industry by offering the boldest, trendiest or as they like to call it, “coolest shades on the internet”. Their exclusive designs and limited drops have garnered a lot of attention from the Gen-Z, making them a go-to for fashion influencers on instagram – and lately even bollywood. 

One can spot celebrity influencers like Kirti kulhari, Ayesha kanga, The mermaid scales, Dev raiyani on their instagram page.

With the recent launch of their Techwear collection, Project Shades has once again demonstrated their ability to stay ahead of the curve. The collection showcases six pieces which are a fusion of bold designs and innovative technology that speaks to the evolving tastes of the Indian streetwear scene. Among these six designs, one particular item stole the spotlight – a mask that not only complements the overall techwear aesthetic but also sold out within hours. 

Project Shades’ team  expressed their excitement about the overwhelming response, stating, “We wanted to push boundaries with this collection, and the incredible reaction from our customers affirms that we are on the right track. It’s inspiring to see how the streetwear culture in India is evolving”

The brand’s success is not only attributed to their bold designs but also to their unique and engaging marketing strategy. The brand’s Instagram page, known for its casual and humorous tone, has successfully cultivated a community of followers who eagerly await each new release.

By focusing on creating a brand identity that goes beyond just selling eyewear, Project Shades has fostered a sense of belonging among its customers. The brand understands the importance of connecting with its audience on a personal level, and this approach has undoubtedly contributed to its rapid rise in the industry.

What’s Next for Project Shades?

As Project Shades continues to redefine the eyewear landscape in India, the burning question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s next?” With their techwear collection making waves, anticipation is high for future releases from this innovative brand. As they embark on the next phase of their journey, Project Shades invites fashion enthusiasts to stay tuned, promising that their commitment to delivering cutting-edge designs is unwavering. Their 21 year old founder, Raj, remains tight-lipped about specific details but promises that the best is yet to come.

For those eager to explore the forefront of eyewear fashion and be a part of Project Shades’ journey, dive into their captivating world on Project Shades’ Website and stay connected with the latest releases and behind-the-scenes moments on their Instagram handle :

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