New Delhi (India), December 13: Books are those which teach us something about life, which makes us understand life. One such novel is “NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma” written by author Aruna Shaibya. “As man sows, so shall he reap” The importance of one’s karma and destiny are always respected in human life. Every human being considers his/her karma while making any important decision. Aruna Shaibya has shown this effect of human karma and destiny in her novel. Only one lifetime is enough to transform a person into a unique person in the ups and downs of life. When one reads Aruna Shaibya’s novel “NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma”, the reality that human beings are products of circumstances comes true. In this novel, how a person’s personality is formed based on circumstances has been described very well. The novel takes the reader through different periods of the character’s life. Where sometimes there are sad moments and sometimes there are happy moments. Also, it makes the reader wonder about untold stories related to society and human life. The novel also raises issues of corruption in the ruling classes of society and its effects on the victims of human trafficking. In this sense, this novel becomes a writing of a social purpose apart from a normal novel. The novel touches the heart of the readers and keeps the reader completely focused till the very end.

True to the title of the novel “NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma”, the cover of the book depicts a very beautiful image of Niyati. The title of the novel is very interesting and exciting which affects the entire novel. From the beginning of the story, the reader may only understand its meaning, but when they read the story till the end, they understand the relevance of the title on different levels. A glimpse of this relevance is seen on each page of the novel. The title in one sentence sums up the entire meaning and idea of the novel, yet it does not reveal all the mystery without reading the book, which makes the reader curious as to what the book has in store for them. This is the beauty of the novel, which becomes evident when the readers delve deep into its pages and begin to understand the happenings in the context of the plan of destiny, then they are fully aware of the vital role of destiny in human life. There is experience. The story shifts from Banaras to Delhi, Haridwar and Meerut. The influence of “NiyatiNati” reverberates noiselessly throughout the story, leaving a deep impression at every stage of the novel. The game of destiny begins when Vivek resolves to complete his father’s unfinished work and avenge his father’s death and find his sister. The author Aruna Shaibya takes the readers to a happy and ideal world at the beginning of the novel where all is going well, everything is beautiful and it gives a feeling of a dream life. Then as the story progresses, everything slowly falls into place like the natural order of life. The novel “NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma” takes the readers to Banaras where Vivek, Dheeraj and Prashant come to reach the heights of success based on their educational experiences with the support of their families to fulfil their big dreams at the Banaras Hindu University College. Come to fulfil the hope of achieving. The author has beautifully described the behaviour, personality and feelings of each character in the story with her literary proficiency. Due to this, readers can feel connected to the story and each of its characters in a way, which is one of the specialities not easily found in any book. When the plot is built, Author Aruna Shaibya gives it such a unique twist, which the readers would never have imagined. However, this turning point shows the characters, leaving the reader in wonder and shock as to how life can be so unpredictable and how a single moment can be enough to completely change a person’s life, shifting their responsibilities. At the same time, the reality that “the good things in life cannot last forever” is aptly proved in the context of the plot of “NiyatiNati”. Author Aruna Shaibya through her novel has explained very well how destiny plays its game and pulls the strings of a person’s life and how everything that happens for a reason has a purpose in determining the meaning of one’s life.

“NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma” excellently explains the fact that whatever happens in human life is based on one’s karma and not part of any divine power. Humans get what they do, and at the end of the story, when the karmic account is done, then it is proved that a person gets the punishment for his deeds on this earth. Good always wins, even belatedly but in the end, truth always wins. Seeing the game of “NiyatiNati”, many issues and questions of relevance also come to light in front of the reader, which has been described by the author Aruna Shaibya in her novel. Where personal to social issues and issues of universal relevance are included. The changing times to suit various social needs, the troubles of endurance, the fleeting moments of happiness of Vivek’s family, the misfortunes of his father and sister and the fate of many girls like his sister are narrated through the character of Mrigi in the novel and many contributing characters also play a different role through all these “NiyatiNati” throws light on different important themes. Due to this the novel “NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma” holds a wider significance for the readers by addressing such important social and universal topics separately at the same time. It raises a serious issue of innocent people in society becoming victims of cunning and corrupt persons who make the lives of other common people miserable and pitiful for their selfishness and money. On one hand, the novel makes the readers feel troubled, while on the other hand, it opens their eyes by bringing to light the untold truth of society and the issues related to it, which are never talked about in society and most people die just like that without justice. Therefore, “NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma” is a novel of social upliftment.

Through the main character of the story, Vivek, the novel gives self-motivation to every reader and student to succeed in their career, to struggle in life and to fight against the injustice happening in society. Being available in both Hindi and English languages and due to Aruna Shaibya’s literary proficiency, writing style and simplicity of vocabulary, any reader can understand it easily. The characters in the novel can be easily understood by the distinctive style of their dialogues and seeing the presence of very beautifully composed dialogues the novel “NiyatiNati” can be composed into a play and it can also be given a beautiful composition in the form of a film script. Overall, the novel is very interesting, full of twists, full of entertaining, and enlightening as well as giving a good understanding of the main themes like self-motivation, love, friendship and revenge, which gives moral education about life. The novel “NiyatiNati – The Ultimate Justice of Karma” is recommended for readers of all age groups. Everyone who believes in karma-based life, and likes to learn about the evolving personality of humans, social causes and different aspects of life can enjoy this novel.

Book Reviewer: – Vishal Chavda

Book Link: – https://bit.ly/Niyatinati

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