On This ‘WORLD CANCER DAY’: 8 Best Oncologists Share Their Advice on Increasing Risks of Cancer.

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New Delhi (India), February 4: World Cancer Day is observed worldwide on February 4 every year. It is a global initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) for a cancer-free world. This year’s World Cancer Day theme, “Close the Care Gap”, is all about celebrating progress in its many forms that enable more people to seek and receive the care they need and deserve. Here are some of the best oncologists sharing suggestions on cancer.

Dr. Jojo V Joseph, MS (Surgery), MCh (Oncosurgery), Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Caritas Cancer Institute Kottayam Indiragadhi co-op Hospital, Kochi

Cancer does not mean that life has come to an end. Cancer is just like any other challenge we face in our lives, and we must never give up on it. Making everyone aware of cancer is the first step toward ridding the world of it. This year’s theme is “Close the Care Gap” in cancer care, which is about understanding the inequities in cancer care and taking action to make the necessary progress to address them. On this World Cancer Day, let’s promise to never surrender or let everyone else surrender to the disease.

Dr. Satvik Khaddar, MD, DM Medical Oncology, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Indore

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, I would like to remind everyone that early detection is key to successful treatment and recovery. I advise everyone to be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer and to schedule regular check-ups with their healthcare provider. It is also important to make lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of cancer, such as maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, not smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption. In short, cancer is preventable and beatable, and by being proactive about our health and making informed choices, we can reduce the impact of cancer on our lives and those around us.

Dr. Gunjesh Kumar Singh, MBBS, MD, DM Medical Oncology (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai), ESMO Certified Medical Oncologist, Consultant & HOD-Bhagwaan Mahavir Medica Super Speciality Hospital, Jharkhand

Today on World Cancer Day, let’s come together to raise awareness and educate ourselves on the ways we can prevent and fight this disease. As a doctor, I see the impact of cancer on individuals and families every day, but I also see the strength and resilience of those who have overcome it. Making small, healthy choices in our daily lives can have a big impact on reducing our risk. Let’s prioritize our health, get regular check-ups, and support each other on this journey towards a cancer-free world. Together, we can make a difference.

Dr. Shivakumar Uppala, MBBS, MS, MCH (Surgical Oncology), FAIS, FMAS, Consultant Surgical, Oncologist & Medical Director – Trust in Hospital and Norgh Hospital, Bangalore

Cancer is a growing phenomenon, and everyone should be vigilant about the symptoms of cancer in general. The most common symptoms are loss of weight, loss of appetite, generalized weakness, back pain, and difficulty breathing. Breast lump, nipple discharge, rectum bleeding, change in bowel and bladder functions, blood in the sputum, difficulty swallowing, inability to open the mouth, mouth ulcer, bleeding after intercourse, and a variety of other common symptoms.

If any of these symptoms occur, consult with an oncologist immediately. We have made a lot of advances in treatment with the availability of laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, newer chemotherapy agents, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy and most cancers can be cured if detected at an early stage.

Dr. Saurabh Gupta, MCh (Surgical oncology), Senior consultant & Unit head, Oncologist & Robotic Cancer Surgeon (Seoul), Venkateshwar Cancer Hospital, New Delhi

World Cancer Day is commemorated on February 4 to make people aware of this dreaded disease, its detection, and its prevention. Despite the vast advancements in cancer care, many are denied primary health care based on multiple factors, such as gender discrimination – even men hesitate to take treatment for prostate & penile cancers.

There are different approaches for reducing the inequity in healthcare services: strengthening community-based primary healthcare, public education, sensitization about cancer prevention and its treatment, making services available at affordable rates, government sector maximizing their reach to the poor and underprivileged. We will achieve health equity when every person has reached their full health potential without barriers or limitations created by social position or other socially or commercially determined circumstances.

Dr. Bharat Ashok Vaswani, MD (General Medicine), DM (Medical Oncology), MRCP-UK (Medical Oncology) ECMO, PDCR, Senior Medical Oncologist and Hematologist – Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad

World Cancer Day is celebrated on 4 Feb every year to create awareness among the public regarding this deadly disease and also educate them regarding diagnosis, prevention and care. Triennially, a new theme is proposed- and the theme for 2022-24 is “Close the care gap”. It has been observed that in a vast country like India, there is inequality in the provision of care based on sociodemographic conditions. Hence, it is imperative to break the barriers of location, and socioeconomic status and close the “gap”. Let us aim to unite our voices and take action. Let us take a pledge this year that we will educate our near and dear ones regarding the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices, screening, early diagnosis and different modes of treatment. We should contribute in every possible way to fight this deadly disease and make its treatment available to each and every person!

Dr. P Vijay Karan Reddy, MD RT, FUICC (US), FAROI (US), FUICC (UK), ESMO (MED ONC), AMPH  Consultant Oncologist – Apollo Cancer Institute, Hyderabad

Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, and about 10 to 12 lakh cases are diagnosed every year in India. Every year, February 4th gives us a chance to spread awareness about its prevention and early detection. This year’s theme is “unifying our voices and taking action to close the care gap.” It’s a plea for us to raise our voices against cancer.

Your “part” in this battle could be anything from promising to eat healthy, stopping smoking, exercising daily, educating others about cancer, etc. We should pledge to do the same against cancer, to not only protect ourselves from cancer but to do the same for our family, friends, and community. As a community, we should also strive to close the access gap for cancer care.

Dr. Chinna Babu, Clinical Director & Surgical Oncologist- Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad

Today, we have an opportunity for everyone to work together to defeat this disease. To eliminate the inequity and gender bias of this disease, we must be informed and embrace preventive strategies. Prevent the preventable! It is high time we eradicate cervical cancer! Even as we have highly effective vaccines available. A simple vaccination is highly protective! We all must raise awareness and focus on early detection through a thorough screening. We must reduce cancer care disparities between urban and rural areas, between rich and poor people, and between haves and have-nots. Let us close the care gap in cancer and conquer it. Let us all celebrate life, spread awareness, and hope that cancer can be conquered.

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