Being Mama announces the launch of its baby Products

April 15: Being Mama, India’s newest baby product brand is excited to announce the launch of its baby products that are completely natural, and use only quality ingredients.

`Nurture with Nature ” the brand’s tagline, talks about the values that the brand embides by, and their Baby Oil is the perfect blend of over 15 herbs that will nourish the baby’s skin and helps in better blood circulation.

The official launch date is scheduled in mid April 2022 after which all their products are available on their website and on various E shops.

BEING MAMA has multiple products such as baby lotion, face cream, baby wash, baby powder, diaper rash cream, baby soap, hair and massage oil and multi cleanser liquid.

The cleansing liquid will not only kill 99% bacteria but it is a 100% food grade ingredient that serves as a single product to wash and disinfect all the baby’s nipples, toys, fruits, vegetables and accessories. Their range of products is highly recommended to moisturize, nourish and supple your baby’s delicate skin. All the active ingredients used in the products are natural and derived from Grandma Mrs. Anita Bansal homemade recipes.

Mrs. Anita Bansal always wanted to deliver safe and healthy skin care habits to her grandchildren but could not find a viable solution in the market so she decided to put in a lot of research towards her Grandma’s books, and with all the hard work she put in, she successfully developed products which are naturally derived and are best to nourish the skin and hair of the little one.

“Safety of their baby is any mother’s utmost priority” said by Grandma Mrs. Anita Bansal the backbone of the brand. Their products make it easier for the mommies to safeguard their kids from unwanted and harmful bacteria and to nourish the skin and hair of the little munchkins.

Being Mama Products can be found on Or E mail them

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