From Digestive Woes to Wellness: Anya’s Journey through Yoga and Healing

New Delhi (India) March 20: From a very young age, Anya Malhotra grappled with persistent digestive issues that overshadowed her daily life. Even the simplest joys, like birthday celebrations, were marred by anxiety, knowing that indulging in customary treats could result in a severe stomach upset and vomiting. Conventional medical treatments offered little relief, leaving her disillusioned and questioning if she would ever experience a sense of normalcy.

Faced with this challenge, Anya turned to alternative therapies, including yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. Yoga, in particular, became her sanctuary, offering not only physical relief – but also a path to inner healing. By practicing yoga asanas that stimulated her internal organs, especially those involved in digestion, Anya began to experience gradual improvements in her health.
Over three years of dedication and perseverance, Anya reclaimed her vitality and found a level of wellness she never thought possible. Inspired by her transformative journey, she made it her mission to share the gift of yoga and meditation with others, especially those facing similar health issues.
Enter “Zen,” Anya’s passion project aimed at making yoga accessible to all. Through adaptive programs tailored to individual needs and abilities, she strives to empower others to embark on their own journey to wellness. Anya’s initiatives extend far beyond the studio, reaching into the heart of her community.
She conducted a four-week adaptive yoga program at the Missionaries of Charity for the disabled, offering tailored sessions to meet their unique challenges. Standing yoga sessions for senior citizens provided them with an opportunity to improve mobility and enhance their overall well-being.
In local parks, Anya hosted classes for women, fostering a sense of community and empowerment through movement and mindfulness. At Don Bosco Ashalayam, she conducted sessions focusing on breathing techniques, improving balance, and strengthening the lower body for 40 participants.

Anya’s commitment to spreading the transformative power of yoga reached new heights on the International Yoga Day 2023. Under the guidance of Swami Lakhanji and two additional yoga teachers, she led a public session attended by 70 people, promoting holistic well-being and unity through yoga.

To help people beyond her personal yoga practise, Anya blended her passion for yoga with entrepreneurship by starting a T-shirt business tailored to the preferences of teens. She creatively infused mindfulness themes into the designs and each T-shirt, which became more than just apparel; they became a gentle nudge towards daily yoga practice, aligning with her vision to contribute positively to the community.

She showcased them at yoga competitions and within school premises, distributing T-shirts as tokens of encouragement.  She has generously donated all of the proceeds from the T-shirt sales to buy 50 winter kits for the Family Vision Foundation NGO, which she has then distributed to children and adults in Yamuna Khadar area.

Her journey to discipline, focus, and self-discovery has recently culminated in a remarkable achievement: winning the silver medal in the SYSA District Yogasana Championship. Yet, for Anya, the true reward lies in her ability to inspire others and foster holistic well-being in her community.
Join Anya on her mission to spread the transformative power of yoga and meditation to every corner of society. Together, let us embrace wellness and cultivate inner peace through the practice of yoga

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