Maulana Syed Nusrat Bukhari Blesses Ali Akbar Sultan and Malika Shirzade’s Auspicious Wedding at Najaf, Iraq

New Delhi (India), February 6: Ali Akbar Sultan, a young man of great faith and devotion, has embarked on a journey of love and commitment as he ties the knot with his beloved Malika Ali Shirzade at the revered Holy city of Najaf in Iraq. The auspicious occasion, taking place during the sacred month of the 13th Rajab, has drawn blessings and well wishes from Maulana Syed Nusrat Bukhari, a respected Islamic scholar known for his profound knowledge and spiritual guidance.

In a heartfelt video greeting that began with invoking the name of Allah and sending peace and blessings to Prophet Muhammad, Maulana Bukhari expressed his gratitude and joy towards Ali Akbar Sultan and Malika Ali Shirzade choosing to start their married life at such a holy site during a momentous time that coincides with the birth anniversary of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, a revered figure in Islam. The Maulana emphasized the importance of married life by the teachings of Islam and drew parallels to the exemplary relationship between Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, and Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

Maulana Bukhari’s message resonated with the significance of seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings in marriage, highlighting the importance of devotion and righteousness in building a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling union. Drawing inspiration from the noble example set by Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Fatima, Maulana Bukhari encouraged couples to prioritize their relationship with Allah, believing that such dedication will lead to happiness and prosperity in this life and hereafter.

The Maulana’s prayer for Ali Akbar Sultan and Malika Ali Shirzade included heartfelt wishes for Allah’s guidance, blessings, and the gift of righteous children who will uphold the values of Islam and contribute positively to society. He concluded his message with good wishes for the couple’s future happiness and success, invoking the name of Imam Mehdi (a.t.f.s.) and expressing hope for a bright future ahead for the newlyweds.

The union of Ali Akbar Sultan and Malika Ali Shirzade at the Holy City of Najaf has met with joy and celebration among their families, friends, and well-wishers. The couple’s decision to begin their married life in such a sacred place during a significant time has inspired many to reflect on the importance of faith, devotion, and seeking Allah’s blessings in marriage.

As Ali Akbar Sultan and Malika Ali Shirzade embark on this new chapter of their lives together, they carry with them the prayers and blessings of Maulana Syed Nusrat Bukhari and the entire community who wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and prosperity rooted in their shared faith and devotion to Allah. May their union be blessed with peace, harmony, and righteousness as they walk hand in hand on the path of love guided by the teachings of Islam.

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