Natya: Revolutionizing Performing Arts Education Beyond Boundaries

Kochi (Kerala) [India], February 1: Natya, a groundbreaking startup based in Kerala, has emerged as a pioneer in the realm of performing arts education by transcending geographical boundaries. Founded by Kalamandalam Sivaprasad and Spouse Kalakshetra Anjali in the year 2020, Natya has evolved into a global platform for learning classical arts, offering courses that span Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Carnatic music, Yoga and more. Natya boasts the distinction of being the first-ever dedicated e-learning platform for performing artists, embracing students from diverse corners of the globe, including the US, UK, Israel, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and beyond.

In its initial stages, Natya exclusively provided recorded classes, with Kalakshetra Anjali, Sivaprasad’s wife, serving as the sole instructor. Fast forward to the present day, Natya has transformed into a dynamic learning ecosystem with an offline and dedicated app, ensuring students worldwide can engage in the rich heritage of classical arts at their convenience.

The Natya App has democratized arts education, providing flexibility to learners from diverse backgrounds and revolutionising arts learning. Among the 12,000 students enrolled globally, 11,200 have opted for recorded classes, while 800 attend live online classes. To ensure personalized attention, the number of students in each live class is limited to seven, accompanied by a structured syllabus and curriculum.

“We believe in breaking down barriers that prevent art enthusiasts from pursuing their passions. Whether it’s airline cabin crew or bank employees, Natya allows learners to delve into the world of arts at their own pace and convenience,” adds Sivaprasad.

At the heart of Natya’s success lies its commitment to providing a structured curriculum, personalized training, and commitment to inclusivity. Furthermore, Natya distinguishes itself by offering a one-year diploma course specifically tailored for dance teachers who have completed seven to eight years of training.

Kalamandalam Sivaprasad is Renowned for his exceptional skills as a Mizhavu percussionist with an illustrious career spanning over 23 years in the realm of the arts. Throughout his career, Sivaprasad has been a dedicated custodian contributing significantly to the preservation and promotion of traditional performing arts. His wife, Kalakshetra Anjali is a Bharatanatyam dancer with 16 years of experience in the art field. Having completed her post-graduation from Madras University, Anjali brings a rich academic background to her artistic pursuits.

Mithu, the mother of one of the Natya students Naomika currently based in Bangalore said “Naomika has been learning Bharatanatyam through the Natya app for the past three years. The classes and curriculum provided by Natya are truly excellent. The attention to detail and the structured learning approach have significantly contributed to Naomika’s growth as a Bharatanatyam dancer. The convenience of learning through the app and the high-quality instruction have made this journey enjoyable and enriching”.

Looking ahead, Sivaprasad envisions Natya becoming a one-stop solution for artists. 

Natya encompasses a multifaceted approach to the world of performing arts. Natya e-learning serves as a virtual platform, offering online classes. On the other hand, the Natya campus caters to those who prefer the immersive experience of offline classes, fostering a tangible connection to the art. Natya e-commerce becomes a facilitator by providing diverse costumes tailored for various performing arts. This not only eases the process for artists but also enhances the visual allure of their performances. For the vibrant community of art lovers, Natya events stand out as the go-to solution. Serving as a comprehensive hub, it brings together performers, enthusiasts, and patrons, creating a space where the passion for the arts can be celebrated and shared. Natya aspires to be the singular destination for all art lovers in the country, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the rich cultural tapestry woven through the arts.

Natya’s journey has been fueled by Sivaprasad’s savings and support from the Kerala Startup Mission. As Natya continues to bridge gaps in global arts education, it exemplifies the power of innovation and determination in transforming a vision into a reality, opening doors for aspiring artists worldwide.

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