Educcadence: Building a Decentralized and Transparent Future for Education

New Delhi (India), January 30: Do you remember the thrill of getting that A on your report card in school? That feeling was surreal. Your parents were proud, and you were happy. Now, come back to the present, and the situation has completely changed. Grades are just numbers and letters, diplomas have turned out to be worthless, and student loans have become a life sentence.

Our education system was supposed to make us competent and equipped with relevant knowledge. Now, it has become more like a cracked and dusty old library full of outdated information and hidden pitfalls.

A change in the education system is much needed. But worry not. In the times of darkness, there is a light of hope that can change education forever. It’s blockchain technology. Imagine worlds where your records are safe and tamper-proof, degrees aren’t just a piece of paper and student loans don’t haunt your dreams. This is the promise of Educcadence, a project aiming to rebuild education with trust, transparency, and freedom.

What is Educcadence?

Educcadence has only one aim. Revolutionize the traditional education system and make it more secure, transparent and accessible. Educcadnece has recognized the long-running problems and inefficiencies with the current education system. The project addresses all these challenges and provides and offers a solution that goes beyond the physical and traditional boundaries.

This revolutionary project’s foundation is built upon blockchain technology. This technology, initially known for powering cryptocurrencies, holds the potential to transform education like never before. Its core principle is decentralization. No more central authorities controlling your data or dictating the rules of the game. Educcadence empowers you, the student, to take control of your educational journey.

The problems with the current education system

The current education system feels like a shaky bridge. You are still determining what’s going to happen on the next step. Let’s understand some of these problems that are holding your future back.

The current education system needs more integrity. Some educational organizations misuse student’s precious data. Tampering with mark sheets and degrees has become common among these corrupt institutions. Money is the driving force for them.

Student loans used to be stepping stones; now they’re shackles. Trapping students with confusing terms and hidden fees. Overall, the system feels outdated and lacklustre, with so much room for improvement.

How Educcadence Reimagines Learning

The introduction of blockchain technology increases trust and transparency. This technology will help with record keeping. All the degrees, diplomas, E-transcripts and assignments will be stored on the blockchain. The inherent property of the blockchain is that you can’t edit the data present on the chain. This also makes an excellent tamper-proof system, ensuring no one is playing with students’ future.

Educcadence envisions a fairer system where loans are handled with smart contracts, ensuring clear terms and targeted financial aid. With Educcadence, the world becomes your classroom. Students can connect with professors and peers across borders, collaborate on projects and learn from diverse perspectives regardless of the location.

The entire Educcadence ecosystem will function on only one currency. Whether it’s paying fees as students, receiving salaries as educators or making a purchase, everything will go through the EDUC token.

And that’s not all. Educcadence has some exciting projects lined up for the future, such as integrating AI into the system to enhance the experience and reduce the workload.

EDUC Token: Powering the Educcadence Ecosystem

The era of excessive paperwork is gone. With the EDUC token, Educcadence rewrites the rules of education transactions, making them smoother, safer, and student-powered.

EDUC is the native currency of this ecosystem built on the Educcadence blockchain. With EDUC being the key facilitator, every transaction will be processed through it. EDUC’s ICO will launch on 4 January 2024. It’s a BEP-20 standard token operating on the BNB chain with a total supply capped at 1 Billion. After the ICO, there will be airdrops, partnerships with educational organizations and the release of the private blockchain.

From this 1 Billion fixed supply, 2% will be used in airdrops, 3% will be given to students as rewards, 10% will be used in partnerships, and 5% will go to charity. Check out the detailed tokenomics here:

EDUC is more than just a currency. It’s a symbol of empowerment, a tool for building a fairer and more accessible education system.

The team behind Educcadence

Educcadence is the brainchild of Mr. Sukumar Shetty, the founder and CEO. Spending over 13 years in EdTech, Sukumar Shetty brings his passion for quality education and commitment to student satisfaction. Currently working as a director at Shetty’s engineering classes, Mr Shetty has been teaching various subjects such as electronics, computer science, AI, telecommunication, etc. throughout the years. He is known as a “Seasoned Educator” across multiple universities worldwide.

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