Osho’s death anniversary witnesses the release of latest book “India’s Misfit Mystic”

New Delhi (India), January 20: As 19th January marks the death anniversary of Osho, a new book titled “India’s Misfit Mystic,” has been released. Published by StoryMirror, the book illuminates his “Risk Everything” approach to life. The famous Indian philosopher Osho left behind a legacy of rebellious words and deeds that continue to reverberate through the spiritual landscape. The book gives a detailed and enthralling account of the most intense years the author, Subhuti Anand, has spent with Osho, in the 1970s and 80s.

Osho passed away on January 19, 1990, after a lifetime of rebellious words and deeds that shocked the world. The mystical incidents hint at his powerful presence along with the way he explained every aspect of life. However, to the thousands of seekers who gathered around Osho, what did it really mean to join his spiritual caravan and risk everything for an elusive spiritual quality like awareness? This question is answered in this book.

In this narrative by Subhuti Anand, a seasoned British journalist, the story dives into the captivating depths of the Shree Rajneesh Ashram’s life in Pune involving unclothed therapy groups, and joining hundreds of Osho’s sannyasins as they give up everything in the search for enlightenment. Simultaneously, the author gives a refreshingly detached political overview that includes trips to Delhi to meet India’s then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, as well as Osho’s provocative comments about Indian society along with a war of words between Osho and Mother Teresa. For the first time in print, one gets a clear picture of how Osho worked with his disciples, using a daily dose of intensity and friction, as well as chaotic meditation, to ignite an inner flame of awareness in their hearts and minds.

The readers would get a dose of enlightenment along with witnessing life in a fresh new way after perusing the different incidents carved in the book. In a pivotal moment in the story, the author describes the mystic’s shift from India to a 100 square-mile cattle ranch, in Oregon, USA, bringing the Rajneesh circus to an unsuspecting American public. The change of place only gives space to more interesting events that the author experiences and pens down in the narrative. Exchanges between Osho and the author show how the mystic staged his greatest publicity stunt, the accumulation of 93 Rolls Royces that made headlines worldwide. 

The book explores different shades of spirituality, mysticism along with exploring one’s own self. It is a meticulously documented timeline of the main events, colourfully illustrated by personal anecdotes, with plenty of evidence of Osho’s outlandish behaviour. It is impressive how the writer portrays a person’s characteristics along with the thorough and picturesque illustrations of that person’s life events. The lasting impression is of a mystic who moved heaven and earth to influence as many people as possible, and who left a legacy of liberation from social and religious conformity that is as relevant today as it was at the time of his death.

The publisher StoryMirror is India’s biggest literature tech platform and a leading publishing house which aims to bring out more such intriguing narratives for the readers while working on its vision to bring writers and literature to mainstream. 

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