From Bootstrapped Beginnings to 35 Cafes: Coffea’s Rise as a Coffee Culture Icon

The team behind the success of ‘Coffea’

New Delhi (India), January 10In the bustling landscape of coffee culture, Coffea stands as a beacon of excellence, meticulously crafting an unparalleled coffee experience. Founded by visionary minds Ankit Jain, Ashish Dubey and Rashmeet Singh Gandhi, this bootstrapped success story has rapidly transformed into a profitable venture, proudly boasting 35 cafes across 12 states (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Aligarh, Jaipur, Ludhiana, and other cities) within a remarkably short span of just one year. Coffea is the only Indian brand that risked everything by integrating Indian food with coffee and succeeded. 

More than just a coffee brand, Coffea represents a movement that seeks to bridge the gap between aspirations and budget constraints. Embracing local culture while setting new quality standards, the concept of affordable premium has swiftly become a local favorite. In just one year, Coffea has achieved a remarkable milestone, selling over 25 lac cups of coffee, illustrating the widespread acceptance and demand for its unique blend of affordability and premium quality.

Coffea’s journey is a testament to two and a half years of passion and dedication. The menu is not merely a commitment to taste; it is a celebration of the cultural nuances that make India distinctive. The brand promises an affordable premium experience without compromise, fostering a connection with its diverse audience.

Unprecedented Growth: From Bootstrapped Venture to Profitable Business

The meteoric rise of Coffea from a bootstrapped venture to a profitable business is nothing short of extraordinary. This success can be attributed to the appeal of the affordable premium concept and the unwavering dedication of the founding team. The rapid growth indicates that Coffea has tapped into the pulse of the evolving coffee culture in India. 

Coffea’s Vision: A Pledge Beyond Numbers

Looking forward, Coffea is set on an ambitious expansion plan, aiming to reach 300 cafes by the year 2025. This growth will be achieved through a strategic combination of franchise partnerships (FOFO and FOCO Models) and the establishment of proprietary cafes. More than a numerical target, this vision is a promise to extend the unique Coffea experience to every nook and cranny of the country, ensuring that the brand becomes synonymous with exceptional coffee. International expansion is also on the cards but once Coffea will serve India to the full. Coffea is onboarding industry leaders as teams and advisors to chase the number of 300 cafes by 2025.

Franchise Opportunities: Join the Coffee Revolution

At Coffea we are brewing global entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs eager to be part of this burgeoning legacy, Coffea actively welcomes franchise partnerships. Aspiring business owners can explore exciting opportunities by contacting us, opening doors to becoming an integral part of the Coffea success story.

From Indore’s Streets to a Nationwide Legacy

Coffea’s journey from the streets of Indore is more than a business narrative—it’s a testament to passion, dedication, and a brewing legacy that encapsulates the essence of India’s evolving coffee culture. With every cup, Coffea invites patrons to experience excellence and become part of a journey that not only meets but elevates their coffee expectations.

Coffea is not merely a coffee brand; it is a cultural movement, a success story, and an invitation for coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike to be part of a journey that is reshaping India’s coffee landscape. As it aims for unprecedented growth, Coffea remains committed to delivering an affordable premium experience that captures the diverse spirit of the nation.


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