Literary Gems to Be Treasured: The Top 10 Must Read Books

New Delhi (India), January 6: In the vast world of literature, certain books stand out for their gripping narratives, insightful storytelling, and inspiring messages. These 10 must read books transcend genres, offering readers a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. Let these diverse voices fill your bookshelf and your heart, for within their pages lies an adventure unlike any other. Dive in, dear reader, and prepare to be swept away.

Doglapan by Ashneer Grover

Ashneer Grover, the poster boy of Start-up India, narrates his unfiltered journey in “Doglapan.” It’s a candid tale, raw and sincere, chronicling his rise from a ‘refugee’ in Malviya Nagar to academic excellence at IIT Delhi, followed by an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He played a pivotal role in Grofers and BharatPe’s unicorn status. His fame soared as a Shark Tank India judge, but with it came turmoil. Amid media frenzy and social media cacophony, truths blurred. Grover’s life turned topsy-turvy, making it hard to discern reality from speculation. 

The Mind Traveller – Warrior of Shaka by Viveck Rai Marwah

The captivating narrative of ‘The Mind Traveller: Warrior of Shaka’ has not only enraptured readers but has also earned accolades from critics, catapulting the author into a new realm of success. The widespread acclaim has paved the way for a lucrative book deal, with an international publishing house offering a record paycheck. The story revolves around Sankalp, who, in the face of tragedy inflicted by the notorious renegade General Darqan Doodra’s soldiers seeks refuge in the mountains. Under the guidance of the wise monk Kalimpong, he becomes a disciple, and his journey unfolds as a transcendent odyssey that goes beyond physical limitations. As a ‘mind-traveller,’ Sankalp ventures on a perilous path to Lhasa, navigating treachery and conspiracy. His fight extends beyond the physical realm, encompassing the well-being of his people and the serenity of his own soul, creating an enthralling tale that has captivated readers.

13 Nights of Tricks by Shaheen Kazi

A chilling exploration of the supernatural, offering a riveting collection of haunted tales inspired by personal encounters and eerie anecdotes. From ghostly encounters in cemeteries to spine-tingling episodes in vacant gymnasiums, Kazi’s storytelling prowess delivers a captivating experience for horror enthusiasts. This top 10 must-read promises to shake your imagination and linger in your dreams, making it a standout addition to the world of spine-chilling literature. Hailing from Mumbai, Shaheen Kazi’s distinctive narrative style, honed over two decades in the Gulf region, ensures an immersive and thoroughly disturbing journey for readers. The Hindi edition of this book “13 Raaton Ki Chaal” is also now available for readers.

A Sanguine Tale by Rajat

Rajat’s memoir is a testament to resilience and determination. Assigned to remote construction projects in Northeast India, Rajat navigates challenges, showcasing exceptional leadership amidst scarce resources. His story, a beacon of perseverance, inspires engineers and future leaders, proving that dedication can conquer all obstacles. Rajat’s graceful retirement marks the end of an era, but his story will continue to shine as a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable nature.

Whispers of a Snowfall by Rashika Ranjini

Hailed by readers across social media and e-commerce platforms as one of the best poetry collections that they have come across, Whispers of a Snowfall is a collection of poems exploring the themes of winter, snow, and the human soul. It is a book that celebrates the pensive beauty of winters and the power of words to express the emotions and thoughts that lie beneath the surface of our lives.  Don’t miss this book if you haven’t read it yet! For more information, follow the author on Instagram @rranjini.

Why should I worry when I can face the world? by Shibu Nair

A renowned motivational speaker, Shibu Nair’s book delves into the human quest for happiness and peace of mind. He encourages readers to embrace the present, overcome worries, and attain enduring peace and happiness. Drawing from his extensive experience in anxiety and stress management lectures, Shibu Nair’s book serves as a guiding beacon towards a fulfilling life, urging individuals to confront life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

Pandemic, A Thrilling Tale From History by Ajay Mohan Jain

Ajay Mohan Jain is an IIT Kanpur and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, the book explores the Indus Valley Civilization of 4500 years ago. This gripping narrative, set around Lothal near Ahmedabad, fictionalizes the era’s events, highlighting the civilization’s advancements. Drawing parallels with current pandemics, this book narrates how adversity transformed into an advantage. With a refreshing approach to history, Jain captures the imagination while educating readers about a remarkable ancient era. Praised by archaeologist Padma Shri K K Muhammed, this departure from traditional history offers an enthralling perspective.

PJ Collections: Kids Drawing Book 2 by Priya SK

A delightful and inspiring initiative, this book seeks to rekindle the timeless art of drawing and painting, particularly among the younger generation. Priya, a seasoned IT professional with 19.5 years of experience, shares her personal journey of rediscovering her passion for art during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving as a vibrant and captivating painting guide designed for kids, the book aspires to motivate and inspire young minds to embrace the art of drawing in an era dominated by technological advancements. Anticipated for release in January 2024, the eagerly awaited Book 3 promises to be a colorful and engaging addition to the literary landscape to be launched by Astitva Prakashan.

The Magical Formula for Happiness and Success by Arun Bhardwaj

Did you know that only a small percentage of people in the world truly achieve success in their financial, business, relationship, and health goals? Even more remarkable, less than 1% of the population manages to find both happiness and success simultaneously. It’s disheartening that many settle for an ordinary life without realizing their full potential. This book is your guide to uncovering your life purpose, creating SMART goals, and charting a course toward the extraordinary. Packed with stories of ordinary individuals overcoming extraordinary odds, practical tools used by the most successful people, and engaging exercises, this book will empower you to discover and achieve the life of your dreams. Don’t miss out on the magical formula for a fulfilling and successful life!

Mastering Communication by Sneha Guha Thakurata

This book is a comprehensive guide designed to empower individuals with the tools and insights needed to enhance their communication skills across various aspects of life. Authored with a focus on practicality and real-world application, this book serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of interpersonal relationships, both personal and professional. In an age where effective communication is paramount, “Mastering Communication” distills fifty essential tips into a user-friendly guide, providing readers with actionable strategies to excel in verbal, non-verbal, and written communication.

These books, each unique in its storytelling and message, offer readers a diverse spectrum of literary treasures, inviting them to embark on enriching journeys through words and imagination.

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