The Aryavrat: God, Glory, Gold – Dr. Nisha Sharma’s Triumph in Historical Storytelling

New Delhi (India), December 28: BlueRose Publishers, under the visionary leadership of Syed Arshad, Founder and CEO, stands as a dynamic platform that opens doors for authors worldwide. This publishing medium serves as a unique opportunity for writers, providing a space where their creative endeavors can flourish. Syed Arshad’s leadership has fostered an environment that encourages and supports authors, allowing them to showcase their literary talents to a global audience. BlueRose Publishers is not just a publishing house; it is a testament to the belief that every author, regardless of background or experience, deserves the chance to share their stories with the world.

Dr. Nisha Sharma, a charming girl from Chandausi born in the 1980s, has an inspirational story. After attending school in the culturally diverse city of Bareilly, she earned a Master’s degree in History, Political Science, Hindi, and even Marketing. Her academic career concluded with an Honorary Doctorate in History, and she is soon to receive another in education. Her achievements don’t stop there, though.

As a distinguished writer, Dr. Nisha Sharma has garnered accolades both domestically and internationally, most notably from Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandibai Patel. In addition to her creative endeavors, she has lectured at several colleges and universities, sharing knowledge on a wide range of topics. The pride of her solo-authored work is evident as she reminisces about the moment when she held the elegant cover of her book, “The Aryavrat: God, Glory, Gold,” for the first time. It was a culmination of countless nights spent brainstorming, writing, and editing—a labor of love that took tangible form.

Dr. Sharma’s literary journey has roots in her early years, a young girl captivated by Rabindranath Tagore’s “गोरा” at a local book fair. This encounter ignited her passion for writing, setting the stage for a lifelong commitment to the written word. Books, she notes, have captured her heart and soul for an unfathomable span of time, and the innate urge to write has been a constant companion throughout her life.

In discussing her latest work, “The Aryavrat: God, Glory, Gold,” Dr. Nisha Sharma sheds light on the motivation behind the book. She observes a distortion in contemporary history prevalent in various social circles, including academic spheres. Students are often exposed to skewed perspectives, influenced by political ideologies that misrepresent the true cultural and historical narrative of the country. It is this realization that fueled Dr. Sharma’s earnest desire to create a textbook that reflects the authentic history of India—one that citizens can proudly acknowledge as their own.

The title itself, “The Aryavrat: God, Glory, Gold,” hints at the book’s mission: a sacred recounting of the past that has been obscured, deliberately or otherwise. It is a manifestation of Indian history in its rawest form, challenging narratives that have been whitewashed by certain historians. The book aims to instill pride in Indians, serving as a homage to the unsung heroes who have safeguarded the sanctity of the great nation.

Readers embarking on the journey through “The Aryavrat” will encounter a refreshing breeze of truth, an experience unlike any they’ve had before. Far from the typical perception of history as dull and monotonous, Dr. Nisha Sharma’s creation promises to cultivate a deep and profound interest in the subject, transcending age and social class.

Beyond her role as an author, Dr. Nisha Sharma wears many hats—a devoted mother, a determined teacher, and an experienced Assistant Professor. Her passion for writing continues to grow, with a focus on amplifying the voices of coming-of-age femininity. As a witness to the struggles faced by Indian women, she aspires to be a voice for those whose autonomy is curtailed by societal norms.

In her own words, ‘Rome was not built in a day,’ and Dr. Nisha Sharma encourages aspiring writers not to be disheartened by setbacks. The authenticity of art, she believes, emerges from the crucible of practice and perseverance. Her advice to budding writers is a beacon of resilience, reminding them that failure is a part of the journey, and the end result makes the process worthwhile.

As an author-centric publisher, BlueRose Publishers would like to congratulate the author on her debut book. The Founder and CEO of BlueRose Publishers, Syed Arshad, expresses gratitude for selecting BlueRose publications, “The book guides us on our literary path toward becoming prominent writers in the field”. 

Dr. Nisha Sharma extends a plea to readers: To approach life with curiosity, to question assumptions, and to critically evaluate information for authenticity. Through this, she envisions the emergence of an Indian society that is rational and deeply connected to its rich heritage and legacy. With “Aryavrat: God, Glory, Gold,” Dr. Nisha Sharma invites readers to rediscover the true tapestry of Indian history—a narrative that deserves to be known, cherished, and passed on for generations to come.

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