Mastering the Art of Leadership: Sandeep Singh’s Second Bestseller

New Delhi (India), December 26: Sandeep Singh, an ex-Indian Revenue Service officer having a vast experience in the field of leadership over a long period of thirty-one years, throws light on various aspects of leadership to help the readers grow into great leaders in their respective fields.

This is his second book after his first book ”Key 2 Happiness,” which has already hit the number one bestseller on Amazon.

He lives in Goa with his wife, Vanita, and two sons, Doctor Aryan and Aryaman.

For any further assistance, he can be contacted at

Based on the proven premise that leaders are not born but rather made, this book throws light on the various facets of leadership, its features and how to imbibe these in ourselves to become true leaders of men.

The Australian tour of the Indian cricket team in the 2020-21 series was full of drama and thrill. The Indian cricket team rose from the ignominious defeat in the first match at the hands of the mighty Australians to subsequently turn the table by winning the series to one. After getting bundled out for a paltry 36 runs in the first test match, the team was written off until the new captain, by his astute leadership, defeated the Australians and made history with an incredible comeback. How Colonel Harland Sanders and Ray Kroc found opportunities in the face of adversities and went on to establish KFC and McDonald’s, respectively, How Steve Jobs changed Apple into what it is today and how the behemoth Kodak failed and many other real-life stories with precious sagacity of a leader this book on leadership takes us on a delightful and insightful journey to discern what leadership is all about. This book in a very lucid and simple manner tells us how to become a good leader and how to lead the team effectively and efficiently towards the realisation of personal and professional goals.

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Let’s delve into the author’s insights.

Q1. What is this book about?

Ans- This book tells us how we can discover the leaders in ourselves. I had the privilege of being at the centre of some very crucial decision-making processes at various levels during my tenure at the Indian Revenue Service. The book also tells us how to deal with life’s challenges thrown at us both in our personal as well as professional lives, how to inculcate the leadership traits in us and thereby discover the leader inside us. Having faced the vicissitudes of life myself and how I was able to deal with them, I thought it was time to share my views in the form of this book.

Q2. How do you define your relationship with the subject matter of ‘Key 2 Leadership’?

Ans- I took voluntary retirement from the Indian Revenue Service because even though I was doing well professionally, my growth mindset prompted me to work towards self-actualization. Mind you, the decision to resign from a well-settled and powerful job was not an easy one to make. I, however, made the life-changing decision and took a dive, knowing fully well that a net would appear, and it did. Decision-making is the core of a high degree of leadership.

Q3. What inspired you to write this book?

Ans-  Leadership is very crucial for any organization which aims to achieve its goals and targets. I have come across many situations in my career wherein the organizations have failed to do well due to many factors like absence of team spirit, lack of motivation, lack of trust, bad communication, fixed mindset, not willing to adapt to changing dynamics, etc, to name a few. I thought it was time for me to do my bit for society by sharing my experience in the relevant field.

Q4. Is there any other factor that pushed you to write this book?

Ans- Print and social media are the best means to reach out to many people. The success of my first book ‘Key 2 Happiness” and the kind of heart warming feedback I received from different quarters inspired me to write this book so that others can benefit from this. I got numerous texts by people who wanted me to share my thoughts on leadership as well.

Q5. What is the key takeaway from this book?

Ans- We live in a world which is fiercely competitive. There are many hands chasing relatively fewer opportunities. In other words, the supply of manpower is much more than the demand for it. Moreover Darwins theory of survival for the fittest is very much applicable in the modern world. In such a scenario one must be the best to survive in today’s highly challenging and competitive world. There is always a need to sharpen the Axe regularly to keep pace with the ever-changing world.

This book provides an opportunity and the tools  to not only sharpen the Axe but also to  get updated and ready to face the challenges in a better way.

Readers can get the book on Amazon and are requested to post a genuine review to help me in my future endeavours.

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