Healthcare awareness beyond the sales pitch

Mr. Raj Sehgal Associate Director: Business Development, TR Lifesciences, Healthcare Consultants

Healthcare awareness plays a pivotal role in promoting well-being and preventing illness. The objective of healthcare awareness by healthcare providers is about empowering the public with knowledge that allows them to make informed decisions about their well-being.

It encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, from preventive measures and healthy lifestyle choices to understanding various medical conditions and available treatments.

The Issue

However, there is a fine line between genuine healthcare awareness and a sales pitch. 

The healthcare industry is not immune to the influence of marketing and sales strategies. Often, awareness campaigns are subtly crafted as sales pitches, with the primary goal of promoting a specific product or service. This approach can undermine the trust of the audience and compromise the integrity of the information being presented.

Community outreach programs & healthcare sessions conducted by the hospitals, diagnostic centres & other providers  should be devoid of commercial interests & unbiased.

When healthcare awareness becomes a sales pitch, there is a risk of biased or incomplete information being disseminated. The focus may shift from providing accurate and balanced knowledge to highlighting only the aspects that support the product or service being promoted.

Trust is a fundamental element in the healthcare industry. When individuals perceive healthcare awareness efforts as mere sales tactics, trust in the information and the healthcare system as a whole can erode.

Commercialized healthcare awareness often comes with a hidden agenda – driving sales. This can lead to unnecessary medical tests, treatments, or purchases of products that may not be in the best interest of the individual. The financial burden on consumers can be significant.

Best Practices

1.     Healthcare awareness should prioritize education over promotion. Information should be presented in a clear, unbiased manner, allowing individuals to understand the nuances of their health without feeling pressured to make specific choices.

2.     Collaborating with healthcare professionals can lend credibility to awareness campaigns. Input from medical experts ensures that the information shared is accurate, evidence-based, and free from commercial biases.

3.     Transparent communication is key in healthcare awareness. If an awareness campaign is associated with a product or service, this relationship should be clearly disclosed. Transparency builds trust and allows individuals to critically evaluate the information they receive.

4.     Engaging with communities at the grassroots level develops a sense of shared responsibility for health. Localised, community-driven awareness campaigns can address specific health concerns and promote well-being without the pressure of sales motives. 

Healthcare awareness should be a beam of knowledge, guiding individuals toward healthier lives. By distancing healthcare education from sales pitches, we can cultivate a society that values accurate information, trusts healthcare providers, and actively participates in its own well-being. 

Let us develop  a healthcare awareness landscape that prioritises people over profits, ensuring a healthier and more informed future for all.

Article contributed by 

Mr. Raj Sehgal

Associate Director:

Business Development

TR Lifesciences | Healthcare Consultancy

Mr. Raj Sehgal is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 25 Years of experience in the healthcare service industry both in India and internationally. Mr. Sehgal has a strong track record of success in the healthcare industry, having previously served as Vice President of International Business at Dr Lal Path Labs, where he played a key role in driving international business, corporate sales and leading North India sales during his tenure of almost 15 years.

He has also worked with healthcare chains like Guardian Pharmacy and led sales & marketing for several multi-specialty hospitals in North India.

An avid learner, Mr. Sehgal has attended multiple short programs from prestigious institutions such as IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Rohtak. He is also an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, India

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