Doctor Amit Nath, the boosting speaker at a reputed event of TEDx Anand Nagar bangs the floor with the result driven solutions to all fear corners in the path of success

Ahmedabad, December 12: Doctor Amit Nath (the founder and proprietor of AMKAN), an expert in Virtual Closing with multiple skill sets marked his valuable presence in the worthy event of TEDx Anand Nagar. The Event was held for the TEDx Anand Nagar, Ahmedabad on Sunday (4/12/22). It is a program that brings all gems from their fields to reveal their TED expertise. It has equipped with highly skilled participants and that is more than 21 in number, who all came from across the nation. The participants were achievers in their specific fields and accomplished their desired goals.

The reputed event was supported by the venue partner of L J University. The event was a kind of new journey and a dimension for Doctor Amit Nath because he is not only a performer but also a pathfinder or role model to many people. So, coming to the entire event, they purposely kept his event in the second half, where they needed some more energy for the flawless moment.

The power-packed event, where many people vocalized their perspective on productivity, hack, emotions, fear and personal struggles.  But the missing element to all these reveals that Doctor Amit Nath found via his experience just a day before at the rehearsal stage. That missing link changed the entire topic. He revealed that the biggest fear is ignorance and the reason for ignorance is the failure of courage. So, he focused and told, “How do you get the courage and how do you learn about the biggest solution of fear is nothing but your knowledge.”

The entire talk was allowed to them for 18 minutes but he was able to conclude his boosting powerful point within 12 minutes efficiently. The topic started with his question that was thrown toward the audience,” Hello! If you are looking at me, just imagine, suddenly the camera is on you and you are supposed to come and stand on the black spot then how do you feel? You will be scared, scared to the dam.”

So, this entire discussion was about fear and that started with the reason, “what if”   and “what if not”. He further expressed, “What if results from “I don’t know”. This fear can either make you or break you. So, fear is inversely proportional to hunger. Even though everyone has fear of one or the other, no one is a fearless guy. Till the period you will be scared, you will remain hungry forever. But everyone is hungry despite knowing what to eat and where to find that. And they don’t have the weapon to hunt for what to eat.  ”

He further continued that all these are happening in the present life of many like what study to do, what work profile can proceed with, which company can be chosen for the interview, for how long the work will be there, etc.

Doctor Amit Nath came up with 3 basic skills as an answer key to, “I don’t know.” That includes the first one as a lifesaving skill (Survival skill) and that is the skill to search. It cannot be taught but can be caught by you. The more you are hungry, the more you will search. The second skill is the skill to communicate with yourself and others too and the last skill is to survive on this planet is to closing skill.

He devoted his structured 3 skilled approaches to I don’t know as knowledge from Bhagwat Gita. He shared 4 levels of service that can give immense power to become confident and powerful so that you will never be fearful. The 4 services embrace, serving without intention, serving to deserve, deserving to desire and the last one is detachment (automation, shed the ego, etc.).

These all services need a highly disciplined schedule with a focus like Arjuna. But you need a coach or mentor to assist you with all 4 services with successful following and achieving. Then you will never get scared as you have Siddha or a mentor with you to guide you in the correct direction to work and next you have skills, the tools, and clarity with you to move ahead.

The last and very important point is to learn how to close a deal successfully can make you survive further in the surroundings. He concluded with, “Do something so that people will look at you not only as a solution provider but as a solution creator.”

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