Marengo CIMS Hospital launches the Stroke Ambulance to initiate medical help within the ‘Golden Hour’ to save more lives and bring more awareness on the timely medical help crucial in saving lives

Marengo CIMS Stroke Ambulance

The three emergencies that claim the most lives are brain strokes, heart attack and Road Traffic Accidents.

Marengo CIMS offers “SABSE FAST AAPKE PAAS” Ambulance within 15 minutes

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], November 23: One of the three largest emergencies that can claim lives is ‘Strokes’. To commemorate the occasion of World Stroke Day, Marengo CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad is launching a ‘Stroke Ambulance’ as a vital component in saving lives that are struck by stroke most unexpectedly. The hospital believes that ‘Every minute counts, Every life matters’. To reinforce this, the stroke ambulance will create increased awareness on the increased importance of the ‘Golden Hour’ for saving lives of stroke patients. This initiative will support in saving more lives from fatalities, more lives can be prevented from facing disabilities resulting from paralysis and better services can be provided through the ambulance. The session was chaired by Neurophysicians Dr. Mukesh Sharma, Dr.  Keval Changadia, and Dr. Dhrumil Shah with Neurosurgeons Dr. Parimal Tripathi, Dr. Y C Shah, Dr. Deven Zaveri, Dr. T K B Ganapathy, Dr. Sandip Shah, Dr. Jayun Shah.

A stroke, or brain attack, is a condition when blood stops flowing into the brain, causing emergency. When an individual has a stroke, every second matters as every second is crucial. Time is urgent and precious as stroke results in the brain tissue and millions of neurons starting to fade away. The brain needs a constant flow of blood and when this flow is interrupted, within a short span of time cells in the brain begin to die without blood or oxygen. This impacts bodily functions, and the person may not be able to do many things such as move a part or parts of the body, speak, eat, remember or think, internal control of the body such as the bladder and many more abilities.

Through the launch of the ambulance, Marengo CIMS strives to increase awareness of stroke signs and benefits of timely access to emergency medical care. The vehicle will be equipped with ACLS support, a ventilator and ACLS Train Medical officer, Nursing Staff, attendant and Driver. The turnaround time to reach the patient is targeted at a mere 15 minutes.

Dr. Mukesh Sharma, Head of the Stroke Program, Marengo CIMS hospital says, “Stroke is caching up in younger population, contrary to common perception that it belongs to the older age groups, and lives are lost untimely due to delay in reaching the patient to a medical emergency within a stipulated time. Nothing, but only early treatment that can reduce morbidity and mortality. Our endeavour is to go beyond saving lives to create increased awareness of recognising the symptoms of a stroke to help build awareness on the Golden Hour. Our efforts in introducing refreshed protocols are to strengthen the medical response and the response of the support functions. It is also to create a matrix where a patient or an attendant is able to get medical help seamlessly and we are able to save more and more permanent disabilities and lives lost due to these circumstances.”

Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman Marengo CIMS says, “The capacity of a human body to fight back will always remain an astonishing fact. But there are always obstacles and circumstances that we endeavour to overcome in our mission to save more lives. With the launch of the Stroke Ambulance, we hope to extend the services of a fast response to bring down the number of lives lost due to lack of awareness and laxity in taking timely action as an outcome of that.”

Dr Raajiv Singhal, Founding Member, MD & CEO, Marengo Asia Healthcare said, “Stroke, also called brain attack, nearly 15 lakh stroke cases are detected in India annually, of which Gujarat has a major share. Research shows a shocking number of 600 cases of stroke recorded every day in Gujarat, almost 20% in people aged below 45 years. In our vision of “Patient First”, every life matters, every minute matters. In our newer initiatives at Marengo CIMS Hospital, we are introducing the stroke ambulance in taking another step towards saving more lives, creating more awareness, and making timely medical emergency accessible. The stroke ambulance will make a significant difference to timely intervention with well-trained medical staff to result in vastly improved outcomes and save many lives now, as opposed to lives lost earlier due to lack of quick response.”

Around 4000 stroke cases happen daily and not more than even 2 to 3 percent are treated. India currently accounts for 60 percent of stroke patients worldwide. Less than 1 in 4 Indians are aware of stroke symptoms. Gujarat registers approx. 18000 brain stroke cases per month.  Studies reveal that stroke is linked to faulty lifestyle, obesity, excessive junk food intake, high blood pressure, high blood sugars, high cholesterol and over consumption of alcohol and smoking.

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