‘Lost In Air’ by Ninad Trivedi, An enthralling thriller inspired by true events of a lost aircraft

Ninad Trivedi, author of blockbuster thriller ‘Lost in Air’

India, 25th March, 2022: An aspiring author from Gujarat makes it big with his blockbuster debut thriller novel “Lost In Air”, which is gathering some love from the readers, movie makers and some finest directors. Accomplishing 5 stars on Amazon, “Lost In Air” takes us back to the scary times of losing contact to an aircraft midair.

“With a heavy heart, we would like to make it official that MH 238 has lost contact with the air traffic control at 2:35 AM, today (16th December 2014)”, Ahmed, CEO, Malaysian Airlines announced to the press. The novel revolves around Rishi, son of Retd General Bikram Singh, Indian Army and co-passengers who are travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Flight MH238 was lost in airspace near Vietnam.

“Lost In Air” follows the story of Rishi, stepson of Retired General Bikram Singh, Indian Army. Rishi, along with his mother, Kavita, went for his convocation to Malaysia and during his trip to Beijing the aircraft carrying both, lost somewhere in dark. The book revolves around the mystery what led to the disappearance of the aircraft and the conspiracy related to it; until the truth comes out. The story makes a V turn and what follows would stick the reader from the chair.

As per the reports, Ninad started writing the novel inspiring from the news he was watching when in MBA. However, it took 2 long years to complete the project while working as a consultant with an MNC.

While remembering his struggles with the writings, Ninad remembers, “I had to give 100% to the job, while giving 100% to my passion of writing. This was not easy. I left job and went to Himachal Pradesh”, he paused and laughed, “there I was, lost alone in Himalayas to find myself while my colleagues and friends were settled with jobs. But I didn’t lose hope and completed the project I started. This was satisfactory. Today when I get to know about readers loving the story, I feel good. We even got a proposal from well-known director for AV deal. This is incredible.”

Many buyers from Amazon also took on to congratulate for the great read. Here’s what some of them wrote:

– Ajay writes “An enthralling thriller with real-like characters and a beautifully written book. Enjoyed reading.”

– “The best suspense storyline I’ve ever read. Till last I was not even able to make a guess what is going to happen next. Almost completed in 2-3 days only. Really excited to see a movie version of this kinda stories.”

– “I got lost reading “Lost in air”. Wonderful plot, detailed writing. It’s a great thriller. Ninad’s writing is simple and elegant, and the plot line is gripping”

– “Good job, Ninad. Carry on and feed the hunger of reading of the readers like us with your classic imaginations.

– Waiting eagerly for your next story”

‘Lost In Air’ is published by Locksley Hall Publishing, while the literary agent supporting the book at every step is The Book Bakers. Team at The Book Bakers is excited for striking the AV deal for an OTT as the story has potential to be a blockbuster on-screen as well. Here’s a small video trailer prepared by the team:

‘Lost In Air’ can be purchased from Amazon – https://www.amazon.in/LOST-AIR-NINAD-TRIVEDI/dp/8194873371

To know more, please visit: https://youtu.be/BB9gNpynTrQ

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