Practical Guide to Fashion Law- a Book covering the laws and legal issues in Fashion

Anuj Kumar, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Fashion Law Journal

New Delhi [India], March 23: The fashion industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. However, the legal aspects of this industry have been largely neglected. There is a lot of buzz about ‘fashion laws’ and how they can help someone who wants to be a part of this industry.

A book titled ‘A Practical Guide to Fashion Law’ published by Fashion Law Journal, An imprint of Legal Desire, is now released worldwide. It is a valuable resource for legal issues involving the fashion industry. A Manual for the Fashion Industry is an authoritative, technical and practical guide to legal matters that fashion professionals need to know about. The book provides a holistic view of the legal aspects of the fashion industry, business of fashion, and rights of stakeholders in the fashion industry. It is intended to help all stakeholders involved in the Fashion Industry (Manufacturers, Retailers, Designers, Brand Owners and others) understand their rights and obligations to easily navigate through the complexities of law while doing business with each other protect themselves from possible legal disputes.

With inputs from over 25 Contributing authors across the globe, The Book covers fashion and legal developments over the years, compliance, management issues, brand management, labor laws, international trade, sustainability ethics, fashion artificial intelligence, and more. This book helps to understand what Fashion Law is, its scope, history, various segments, a new revelation in the fields of fashion and law, and its concerned institutions. It also familiarises us with various laws in the field of fashion and different sections, acts and legislations across the world. The book also discusses the various challenges faced by fashion stakeholders during brand building and design production. Fashion law is not only about protecting intellectual properties, but it also involves labour laws, supply chain issues, various compliances, agreements and rights of stakeholders in fashion. The book also provides various agreements templates relating to Fashion Industry, Guide to brand setup, checklists and case studies.

“Ranging from the business of fashion to the rights of stakeholders in the fashion industry, This Book is an invaluable resource for lawyers, fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs, students as well as for business people and those who are interested in the fashion industry. This book also provides an excellent reference for all those with a general interest who want a comprehensive guide to the laws relating to fashion and want to make a career in fashion law.”, said Anuj Kumar, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Fashion Law Journal.

“We have been in the space of Fashion Laws for last four years, and we understand the legal issues this industry faces. There’s a need to educate this community and address the concerns. We started Fashion Law Journal for this purpose and are overwhelmed with the response we are getting across the globe from both Fashion and Legal industries. Now, the legal practice in Fashion Law is attracting lawyers and firms to serve the Fashion Industry, and there are fewer insights about such laws available. To address this issue and disseminate the knowledge about legal issues in Fashion and laws relating to it, we came up with this book after contribution from over 25+ contributing authors across the globe. This book is a must-have for every stakeholder in the fashion industry. It covers all legal aspects of the fashion business and rights of stakeholders in the fashion industry.” He added.

Contributing Authors includes Anuj Kumar, Apoorva Mehta, Annalucia Fasson Llosa, Cindy K. Sotomayor, Letícia Lôbo, Chitra Sahay, Khushi Kundu, Ananya Bali, Snehal Khemka, Vanshika, Ambreen Imam, Anushka Indurkar, Tanya Sinha, Sonal Sinha, Shivani Singh, Yashika Nagpal, Muskan Mahajan, Apurbaa Dutta, Namah Bose, Garima Ranka, Varuna Sharma, Srushti Kedarpawar, Yukta Karnavat, Aastha Chahal, Lavanya Bhakuni, Lipika Sharma, Mannat Sardana, Srishti Raichandani, Nur Tandon, Ijas Muhammad, Srijaa Grover, Sujata Porwal, Shubhangi Baranwal & Aprajita Sharma.

The book is now available on Amazon and Fashion Law Journal website (, and the organisation also provides courses and training in the field of Fashion Law.

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