The Adventurous Journey Of The Youtuber Couple Sachin & Kiran aka Wroom with Kiran Sachin who Brought Their Dream Bike Triumph Tiger 850

February 3: What are the possible things that a couple does while dating? Go for a movie or for candle light dinner or spending time with each other while watching netflix. But out of the blue there is this young couple driven crazily by their love for motorcycle and travelling.

The year 2009 was the most beautiful year for this couple- Sachin Desai and Kiran Singh, as this was the time when they mutually thought to share their happiness and sorrow. Sachin, being from Maharashtra and Kiran coming from Punjab, convincing their family was a tough row to hoe. Yet they dated for 4 long years and finally swore to be the better half of the other in the year 2013.

While covering the North India with her husband, Kiran too got excited to ride the bike instead of just sitting behind. The tabboo of being a female rider did not keep her from listening to her inner call. As always supported by her better half she started riding too. Now what could be more beautiful than having your partner as you biking partner too!

Earlier the couple only used to travel to new places but later they came across the idea of taking their experience to the notice more people like them. Flooded with 87000 subscribers their youtube channel never fails to thrill all their viewers.

Scaling from Mumbai to Ladakh and many more romantic trips this couple is now adorned even by those who once opposed their decision of exploring the world. Kiran and Sachin have also recently bought their dream bike-Triumph Tiger 850 which is all set to give them some of the most wonderful experiences.

This couple has not only inspired many people to set out for the roads which have always been calling them. But they have also arranged all the requirements of a rider in their store – WROOM. WROOM which is a one stop place for meeting all the requirements of any travel lover, stands in Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai. It has been attracting its customers since the year of its establishment, i.e., 2018.

The best memories of life will always be the unexpected ones.  And what could be better than travelling for introducing yourself to new and surprising experiences? Travelling yet adds to another psychological impact. It helps you to have a clear picture of the human psychology as it brings new people and new culture to you.

There are two different personalities at the beginning and at the end of the journey. At the end you become a new and improved version of yourself with clearer thoughts and brimming confidence. Ready to be exposed to any odd that life throws at you, you become fiercely unbeatable.

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