Hypermartindia, Bangalore based Ecom Platform is Supporting Organic Industry to sell online

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November 09: COVID19 shook the world and mankind to the core. The pandemic has raised many questions to mankind on how the survival. With lockdown implementation, markets were shut, and people were scared to go out to buy basic and daily need items. During this time, the only support what people received was from the Ecommerce Platform, which helped them to get the items at their doorstep. With the increase in demand of various items also raised one important question on the quality of food that we are using for our daily needs.  Ecommerce platforms made it easy for all of us to get things and save time and money, but at the same time, the question remains the same.

The question is, are the products we are using in grocery, are they chemical-free, naturally grown or not? How nutrient are they? Will it help in boosting immunity? Etc., As we speak, today, we are much bothered on the quality of food we consume. Organic food and naturally grown food is good but doesn’t have a wide online marketplace from where people can order.

At the same time, Covid 19 also resulted in many people losing jobs.  Many of them relied on their hobbies and interests, converting them to business to earn money for their day-to-day needs.  They started preparing masala powders such as Rasam powder, Sambar powder, Chutney powder and many more.  Some started manufacturing chocolates at home, some cakes.  But they all needed an eCommerce platform to reach a wider range of customers.

That is where a group of Professionals from Bangalore thought to start an online platform that has all the features such as online search, ordering, payment and door delivery that can help the buyer and seller to come under one roof and buy it. This is how Hypermartindia came into existence.

The Founders

Three people with the same mindset and determination started this.

Anantha Krishna – A veteran IT professional who worked in Wipro Technologies, Crompton Greaves, Patni Computer Services, Kirloskar Electric Company till 2007 and started own Information security, IT Service Management, and IT Governance consulting company by name Enable Excellence then onwards.  Worked in different countries – United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Japan, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya. Added a new interest and ventures on various large public service initiatives, one of them is an eCommerce venture www.hypermartindia.com

LinkedIn profile is  www.linkedin.com/in/infosecandserviceexcellence

Srinivas Bhat – A veteran in Printing services in Bengaluru from the last 30+ years, providing printing and branding services to MNCs in Bengaluru and across India.  Interested in adding a new Line of Business (LOB) and joined hands in www.hypermartindia.com.  Another successful business he is running is Abbey Valley Resorts.

Murali Rotti – A veteran in events management in Bengaluru. Destination wedding, Theme wedding, charitable fundraising events etc

The Differentiator

Hypermartindia is focused on groceries such as naturally grown, naturally produced. They are serving not only created a platform to support organic foods, but they created an opportunity for all organic and naturally made product industries. The platform is serving under 13-14 categories to the customer in the Bangalore location. They are supporting the peripheral industry like a cottage industry, but the most important part is they are supporting homemade foods which are difficult to sell in open markets or online due to various rules and regulations. They are not only helping sellers to sell the product but also buyers to get the non-toxic item and keep them safe from hazardous chemically processed food that can bring various

Do check out more on Hypermartindia.com to avail better and quality products.

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34 thoughts on “Hypermartindia, Bangalore based Ecom Platform is Supporting Organic Industry to sell online

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